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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

We have worked alongside the Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services Kitchen Deep Cleaning Division in carrying out Surveys, Risk Assessments and Cleaning of all Commercial Kitchen Extract Systems. By putting together our years of experience we can offer a one stop solution to your Kitchen Deep Cleaning requirements.

It is the duty as an owner or operator of any food related business to keep premises and equipment in a clean and hygienic condition as set out in The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations1995, but however effective your kitchen extract systems cleaning regime is, an accumulation of both grease & carbon will occur over time and this can not only become a significant fire risk within the duct itself but can also reduce the working capability of both fire and smoke dampers which are normally found in older systems, which if they become clogged with debris could lead to them malfunctioning and potentially render them useless in an event of a fire.

By using a Fully Audited Ventilation and Duct Cleaning Service you are complying with the Fire Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 “whereby in order to safeguard the safety of relevant persons the responsible person must ensure that the premises and any facilities, equipment and devices provided are subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.”

The initial part of your kitchen extract risk assessment is by way of a visual inspection checking for any damage or grease leaks, after logging our findings our assessors then carry out CCTV surveys which allows images of grease and carbon build up to be photographed and recorded as part of our Fully Audited Cleaning Service.

Our Risk Assessors then carry out the Wet Film Thickness Test (WFTT) to find out the amount of grease that has accumulated in your ducting system. Once that has been attained and we have ascertained what the level of cooking is we can then design a regular cleaning program to suit your requirements.

We recommend that, dependent on the amount of usage of your kitchen, cleaning intervals should be undertaken as set out in the table below:

Amount of Use Hours Per Day Recomended Cleans per year
Heavy Use 12 - 16 Hours per day 3 monthy Clean
Moderate Use 6 - 12 Hours per day 6 monthly clean
Light Use 2 - 6 hours per day 12 monthly clean

In order to carry out a thorough clean of your Kitchen Extract System, access hatches must be fitted every 2 metres so all internal surfaces can be de-greased and de-carbonised removing all dirt and contaminates. Our technicians can supply and fit access hatches to HVCA DW/l44 specifications in both square and circular and in a range of sizes to accommodate the different sizes of ductwork. Once all hatches have been installed, your kitchen extract clean can begin : starting with the removal of grease from your canopy & filters. The canopy which is known also as a cooker hood or extraction hood essentially extracts smoke & heat from your kitchen by way of a fan pulling the air through ducting releasing it from a cowl directly into the air.

All grease filters are removed and de-greased in our non caustic dip tanks and the canopy deep cleaned removing all grease and burnt on carbon deposits. After this process all external surfaces of canopy are polished leaving it in a sparkling condition.

During the deep cleaning of ducting known also as duct and ductwork there may be attenuators, flow control dampers, fire dampers, air turning vanes and sensors which all need to be deep cleaned and free from grease and debris.

The extract fans' belts and bearings are checked for their working order and fan blades are deep cleaned to remove any grease residue. The cowl is then dismantled and all sections including grill are de-greased, dried, reinstated and then a waterproof sealer applied.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a professional, reliable and efficient service and it has been our pleasure to provide our services to a wide range of businesses including restaurants, cafes, schools, hotels, leisure centres and many more.

Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services are insurance company compliant and provide a Fully Audited Cleaning and Hygiene Service including Visual and Photographic Evidence, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Daily work sheets, Completion forms and offer a recognised Certificate of Completion on all works.

We are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and we are also a full member of The Building and Engineering Services Association(B&ES).

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