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Approved Training Courses

In view of recent legislation and the requirement for a large number of companies to undertake regular audited cleaning programs for their ductwork, At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services, we believe that with the knowledge and expertise that is required in the field of ductwork cleaning it is essential that ductwork should only be assessed and cleaned by a ductwork cleaning operator who is fully trained and qualified.

We recommend the Ductwork Cleaning training courses offered by A.E.M.E ( Air Environmental Mechanical Equipment). A.E.M.E have been recommended by the B&ES as a ductwork training provider for over 10 years and the courses that they provide cover every aspect of ductwork cleaning from what clothing should be worn to the use of the most advanced equipment currently available to the industry today.

For more details of the ductwork cleaning courses offered by A.E.M.E, please see below:

Ductwork Cleaning Operative Course

The long established two day course is designed for those companies or individuals who want to cater for expansion on the Kitchen Extract side by adding Air Conditioning systems to their portfolio.

This means you can become competent not only to TR19 but also BSEN 15780 quality Standards. Includes training and the ability to certify work carried out.

Kitchen Extract (TR 19) Training Course

This course is designed to ensure those taking part are fully compliant with the B&ES TR19 standards for Kitchen Extract Cleaning to comply with insurance requirements.

Demonstration of equipment and legal requirements including risks are fully covered. On completion of course you will be qualified to issue certificate of compliance if cleaning is done to TR19.

RRAMS Rapid Risk Assessment Training Course

This is a new course designed for the person responsible for advocating maintenance of air conditioning systems.

This course incorporates the latest in software and tablet technology to enable a full report to be carried out on the system, not only on the air quality but also the mechanical side of the system. This enables the client to forward plan any replacement component as well as ensuring the system is compliant to BS EN 15780 Standard.

For more information on A.E.M.E and the training courses they provide please Click Here or call them today on 01404 890088.

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