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Air Handling Units

As part of your Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems Risk Assessment we survey all parts of Heating Ventilation And Cooling system including AHU (Air Handling Units), Chiller Units & Humidifiers. After discussing with Building Management / Facilities Management and isolating units direct or through your BMS – Building Management System our highly skilled duct hygiene technicians make visual and photographic inspections making sure units are free from rubbish and debris and checking for any damage or leaks. After logging our findings and reporting any faults to Building / Facilities Management our technicians can then carry out the hygiene cleaning process.

AHU - Air Handling Units

The first part of any Air Handling Unit is the inlet Louvre and after clearing any debris or obstacles that can block the air intake to the supply system, our technicians check all access doors and seals. If any are found to be faulty or ill fitted V.A.D. HYGIENE LIMITED can supply and fit replacement access doors to HVCA DW/144 Specifications in various sizes dependant on the AHU Air Handling Units size. Contaminated filters are then removed, bagged & incinerated and a copy of Environment Agency Consignment note is given to our clients relating to that specific load of contaminated waste. Filters are replaced with new, making sure they are the right size for the unit and correctly aligned. Run-around coil is then vacuumed with HEPA vac and the outer casing of condenser pipes cleaned & disinfected. All fan components including bearings, belt & blades are cleaned thoroughly and all final checks are made before resuming power.

Chiller Units

The Chiller Unit is normally located outside of the building and is therefore sometimes overlooked for routine maintenance & cleaning. Once the Chiller unit is located mains power must be isolated allowing our duct hygiene technicians to carry out their initial checks. After inspecting unit for leaks and corrosion we then clear all internal areas of any debris and rubbish. Once that has been completed, fan blades & outer casing of coils are cleaned to remove any dirt and both the internal and external housing is cleaned and any rust corrosion is removed and a specialised paint applied.


As we are not water treatment experts, our technicians can only make a visual and photographic inspection of humidifiers, checking for any leaks or corrosion of both pipes and coils. All findings are recorded as part of our Audited Cleaning & Hygiene service and any faults reported to Building Management.

We are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and we are also a full member of The Building and Engineering Services Association(B&ES). We are insurance company compliant and provide a Fully Audited Cleaning & Hygiene Service including Visual & Photographic Evidence, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Daily work sheets, Completion Forms and offer a recognised Certificate of Completion on all works.

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