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Ventilation Duct Cleaning

At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services our dedicated Ventilation Duct Cleaning Division provide a specialist Ductwork Cleaning service to a wide range of businesses across Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, London and throughout the UK.

Due to increased health and safety legislations including the introduction of the Health and Safety (workplace) 1992 Regulations 5 and 6 on Ventilation Systems and the updated version of The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance. NHS Trusts, Hospitals and many major insurance companies now require Heating Ventilation and Cooling Systems (HVAC) to undertake regular audited cleaning programs and hygiene testing by qualified contractors.

The Standards and procedures that we adhere to are set out within the industry recognised documents The Building and Engineering Services Association - B&ES formerly The Heating Ventilation Contractors Association – HVCA TR/19 Guide to Good Practice Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems and the new British Standard Institutions’ BS EN 15780 Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems.

Sick Building Syndrome – SBS happens in particular work environments including open plan offices and can cause a wide range of symptoms including, headaches, dizziness and nausea.

SBS is said to be the result of a combination of different factors including a poorly cleaned and maintained ventilation system, changes in temperature and airborne pollutants including dust and fungal spores. One of the suspected causes of indoor air pollution, inefficient ventilation and poor air quality is the contamination of HVACS due to a poor or non–existent cleaning regime of Air Handling Units, Ducting, Grilles, Louvers and all related components and this can contribute to higher levels of employee sickness and absenteeism.

An Audited Cleaning and Hygiene program is often the best way to prevent or reduce Sick Building Syndrome symptoms and carrying this out by regular cleaning and specialist hygiene testing by qualified contractors you are providing a healthy work environment for both staff and customers.

To maintain a clean fresh environment all components of the HVACS air supply system including Air Handling Units, Chiller Units, Ducting, Volume Control Dampers, Grilles, Opposing Blade Dampers and Diffusers are cleaned thoroughly removing all potentially harmful dust.

Our trained technicians use Rotary Brushes to break up the dry debris and Air Scrubbers with HEPA filters to remove dust from duct system. Personal Protective Equipment including respirators, Cat 3,4,5, disposable coveralls, Safe Skin Nitrile Gloves, Safety boots and Protective Goggles are worn at all times whilst the hygiene clean is in progress as the dust particles may be harmful. Contaminated filters and waste from the cleaning process are bagged, cable tied and then transported to an incinerator for disposal. We then supply our clients with a copy of an Environment Agency Consignment Note relating to the disposal of that specific load of waste.

Once the ventilation and duct clean has taken place and any potentially harmful dust particles have been removed from your HVAC system, V.A.D. HYGIENE LIMITED then, utilising our partner company’s Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services 10 years experience in the infection control industry, carry out a full disinfection of your ductwork.

Our Air Hygiene technicians first seal all grilles, diffusers and fog the ventilation system using the latest fogging equipment and Trigene Environmental Disinfectant which is a non corrosive product that can be applied to all metal surfaces leaving them not only clean & hygienic but free from any bacteria and fungi.

V.A.D. HYGIENE LIMITED are insurance company compliant and provide a Fully Audited Cleaning and Hygiene Service including Visual and Photographic Evidence, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, COSHH Assessments, Daily work sheets, Completion forms and offer a recognised certificate of completion on all works all of which make up your fully Audited Cleaning & Hygiene Program.

We are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and we are also a full member of The Building and Engineering Services Association(B&ES).

B&ES represents the interests of firms active in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration (hvacr) products and equipment. For us to become a member of (B&ES) The B&ES arranged for a thorough third-party inspection and assessment to ensure that we are both technically and commercially competent.

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