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Duct Risk Assessments & Testing

As new legislation has brought in tighter controls on both Public Welfare & Public Safety, both Building Managers & Facilities Managers are responding to these changes by carrying out a Hygiene Risk Assessment and Risk Assessment of the working order of both Kitchen Extract systems & Heating Ventilation And Cooling Systems - HVACS.

Rapid Risk Assessment & Monitoring System - RRAMS Software is based upon both the latest BS EN 15780:201 and HVCA TR/19 standards and has been developed over the past six years by Qualified Experts within the Industry. By flagging up the areas that need to be cleaned as urgent RRAMS is not only helping Building and Facilities Managers comply with current Legislation but can potentially reduce the cost of unnecessary cleaning throughout the whole system.

As part of our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Service, one of our fully qualified Risk Assessors will carry out a full risk assessment of your HVAC System and Kitchen Extract Systems.

Our Qualified Risk Assessors start with a visual inspection of the exterior of ductwork making sure all access doors & grilles are fitted correctly to HVCA DW/144 standards and seals are of good working order, uploading their findings onto their RRAMS program allowing Building/Facilities Managers instant access to any faults or problems within the Heating Ventilation And Cooling System.

Our assessors will then make thorough Risk Assessments of all parts of HVAC Units including AHU – Air Handling Units, Chiller Units and Humidifiers. After this initial Survey Endoscope cameras are used so they can view the internal surfaces of ductwork and associated components including Turning Vanes, Volume Control Dampers - VCD, Opposing Blade Dampers – OBD, Sensors & Attenuators. For inaccessible areas of ducting that can’t be viewed with an endoscope camera a remote controlled robotic camera is used so that all internal parts of the duct system can be surveyed, all recorded images are uploaded straight away through your RRAMS software.

The Industry recognised testing procedure The Finnish Vacuum Test – FVT, formerly the NADCA test is then undertaken to gain the level of dust present in the ducting, After taking samples of the dust level at various intervals throughout the ductwork system, bar coded cassettes are then sent to an Independent UKAS Accredited laboratory for weighing & the results are then recorded as part of your Rapid Risk Assessment and Monitoring System.

After ascertaining the volume of dust in the system Difco Hycheck is used to test for Fungi and Bacteria. Firstly sterilised dip slides are applied throughout the HVAC Unit and Ducting for traces of Fungi & Bacteria that can be using the dust as a food source. Samples are then taken with sterilised dip slides to find out the bacteria count within all parts of the HVAC System, once the testing has been completed dip slides are sent to a UKAS Accredited laboratory for an independent analysis of the hygiene level of your Heating, Ventilation And Cooling System recording all results as part of your Rapid Risk Assessment & Monitoring System.

Kitchen Extract systems require a different testing procedure as both grease & carbon can develop over time and can become a significant fire risk if these substances are not removed. Assessors make a visual survey of external surfaces including Access Doors & Seals and using endoscope cameras to view internal surfaces, recording still images of grease & carbon that has developed over time in the ductwork.

The next step of our Assessment procedure is the Industry recognised Wet Film Thickness Test - WFTT which is used to ascertain the amount of grease that is in the duct system, recording results as part of your RRAMS program. Assessments are then made of the workings of Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Sensors, Fan bearings, Fan Blades, Cowling & Grilles that can reduce their working capability if they become clogged with debris & grease.

Our Appointed Risk Assessors are insurance company compliant and provide a Rapid Risk Assessment and Monitoring System including Visual & Photographic Evidence. Once Risk Assessments are completed our appointed risk assessment team can then develop Method Statements relating to how the deep cleaning must be carried out & establish exactly what needs to be cleaned. Once the level of clean has been ascertained we can then carry out the level of clean required. The service that we provide will help you the client to comply with HVCA TR/19 Standard and the current British Standard BSEN 15780 : 2011

We are fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor and we are also a full member of The Building and Engineering Services Association(B&ES).

Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning services have recently become fully established as a CHAS accredited contractor. To achieve this accreditation a CHAS assessor carried out a full assessment of our health and safety procedures, policy statements and our company wide health and safety arrangements.

B&ES represents the interests of firms active in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration (hvacr) products and equipment. For us to become a member of (B&ES) The B&ES arranged for a thorough third-party inspection and assessment to ensure that we are both technically and commercially competent.

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